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To increase knowledge about HIV Prevention among 4,000 (10-7years) young people in 16 districts along Lake Shore regions of Uganda.

NACWOLA has just concluded aGender-based violence (GBV) project among adolescentsbetween the age of 15 – 24 year where half of new HIV infections worldwide are concentrated (UNAIDS, 2002). The project focused on Adolescents living with HIV, who face challenges of dealing with their changing bodies and developing sexuality; in the face of immense stigma and confusion. The project’s particular concern for adolescents living with HIV was the three intertwined challenges: disclosure, adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART), and the prevention of HIV transmission to sexual partners.

The goal of the project was to contribute to the reduction of gender based violence among Networks of HIV affected and infected women with the objectives:
To create a platform for networks of women to discuss the underlying causes of Gender Based Violence among HIV positive women in the 18 districts of 6 regions in Uganda by the year 2017.
To create awareness on the barriers that cause gender inequalities among HIV infected and affected women in 18 districts within 6 regions of Uganda by 2017.